Can I buy a rechargeable virtual bank credit card with USDT cryptocurrencies?

Can I buy a rechargeable virtual bank credit card with Litecoin cryptocurrency?

Get a rechargeable virtual bank card with Litecoin
You can buy a credit card online with a balance on the platform using Litecoin crypto. Just choose litecoin from the list that appears on the checkout page. Then confirm your payment.

Why buying a rechargeable VCC card is a reliable solution?

In some countries – such as Morocco – the State (Banks) set a maximum ceiling for the e-Commerce allocation for each person. Citizens cannot exceed the amount of 15,000dh MAD ≈ $1,500 in international e-Commerce foreign exchange transactions. While some people still want to shop online. Consecrated e-Commerce dating is no longer enough for them. This is why offers its customers a reliable solution to overcome this obstacle. Customers can now change their cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, USDT…) in return for rechargeable Visa and MasterCard cards. The purchase of cryptocurrency is often done in a P2P way on the famous Binance platform []. The advantage here is that the person can make exchanges in local currency regardless of the country and the amount.

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